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The Historical Park of the Navia has a service of guided visits to the principal resources and equipments of the zone facilitating the displacements and contributing to a better understanding of the area.


 But if visitors prefer to visit the place by themselves, there are several hot spots that should not be missed: the Castros (Iron Age settlements) (Pendia, Coaña the best preserved, Chao St Martin), the natural wonders (Cova del Demo, Oneta's waterfalls), stages of the Camino de Santiago (coast and interior), the dams (Grandas de Salime, Doiras, Arbón) or beaches of coastal counties; all good options for culture and nature to be enjoyed pleasantly.


But before beginning the tour, very close to Casa Manolón, it is possible to find small architectural and natural jewels:

  • Palace of the Miranda in Prelo, (XVth and XVIth centuries), with spectacular views of the valley of the Navia, La Bobia mountain range and Carondio's peak.
  • Arquitectura Indiana in Boal. A tour of the villa, visiting more than a dozen buildings (school, public washhouse and private houses) associated with the emigration to America between the end of the XIXth and beginning of the XXth century.
  • The Recreation Area of El Puente de Castrillón, of fluvial character, in the mouth of the river Muñon, deserves a special mention. It is a wild zone in Penácaros' range, covered by poplars, chestnut and strawberry trees. The area includes both banks of the river, where it is possible to enjoy the freshness of the river between the trees and also go for a very pleasant dip. From the Area the abutments of the old suspension bridge of Castrillón are visible. The bridge was constructed with the effort of the neighbours of the parish and inaugurated in 1925.


There are also several Museums that deserve a visit:

  • Coleccion Museográfica de Rozadas, with more than 2000 pieces related to the agricultural and cattle life.
  • Boal's House of Apiculture Located in the former rural school of Los Mazos, it is a center of interpretation and diffusion of information related to the beekeeping practice and the apiculture both  traditional and modern one.

The bordering councils, not far from Castrillón, have also a good and diverse cultural offer. In Grandas de Salime, the Museo Etnográfico, where it is possible to be acquainted with the rural society of past centuries, its customs, housing and farm tools. The recreation of a school classroom is remarkable. In Pesoz, the Museo Etnológico dedicated to the wine and in Villayón the Center of Interpretation of the mountain protected areas, which shows the importance of the Carondio and Valledor ranges and all the resources that surround them.


A bit further it is the Region Oscos-Eo, declared Biosphere Reserve and Taramundi's county, that hosts a great theme park dedicated to the water and the iron.

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