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Castrillón is a small hamlet, head of parish, and 10 km away from the county capital, Boal. It is positioned at 200 m of altitude, in the right margin of the river Navia, and has 34 inhabitants.

Its main attraction for visitors is the scenery, of abundant and varied vegetation, as well as the hospitality of its neighbours, friendly and welcoming. They make the most of a privileged environment and take care of their language, a fala,  their traditions and culture.

A quiet walk along the village enjoying its quietness, allows to discover a good number of traditional rural storing constructions –horreos, cabazos and paneras-,  that together with the one-family farmhouses, with slate roof of four sides, confers to the village its singular character.

The walk can include visits to various local places of interest. The school, inaugurated in 1918 and funded by the Sociedad de Instrucción Naturales del Concejo de Boal en la Habana (Society of Instruction from Boal's Council Community in Havana), who financed most of the schools in the county. The church, with altarpiece of baroque style, and the chapels of the parish. The public washhouse, in the old times place of meetings, exchanges and mutual aids. The walk could continue to Monaso to have a look at  the great granitic stone cross of interesting legend and in an spectacular area, and to observe the outstanding colourful beehives, in an area where bees, away from pollution, revel in ideal conditions.

The walk can extend for a km to the mouth of the Muñon river. There you have the leisure area with a pier and bath zone. The hiking trail Ruta Viesgo de los Miradores del Navia starts there and goes through an area of outstanding beauty.

Castrillón possesses a store-bar founded on 1953, a cosy meeting place for the neighbours and where it is possible to buy almost everything. They offer meal to order, with local dishes of the zone, elaborated by expert hands, and with the best products of the region. They also have a taxi service, with nine seats, for all kind of excursions.

Boal, the capital of the county, is famous for the honey, and quiastolite mineral outcrops nearby. It has a health center, drugstores, library, swimming pool and small shops of all kinds.

In 2014, the associative and local movement of the village, won the prize Pueblo Ejemplar de Asturias (Laudable Village of Asturias), distinction awarded by the Foundation Princess of Asturias "to the village or human group that has stood out for the defense and conservation of its cultural and artistic environment."

In this small county there are up to 16 non-profit associations. Among them is the ”Escudería Motor Club Castrillón”, that annually organizes the Subida a Castrillón (Ascent to Castrillón), scoring for the Mountain Championship of Asturias, and which has already reached its XVII edition.

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