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To speak about Boal's council is to speak about good food, not only because its  people is fond of celebrating any event around a table, but also because the cooks, mostly women, have kept the traditional recipes elaborated with high quality products. They have inherited from their mothers and grandmothers the fondness for cooking following the slow simmer way, using a hearth in the old days and more recently a wood stove.

It is a rich and varied gastronomy, using mostly farm products homegrown, and also meats like pork, veal or chicken.


In the Bar Castrillón, always by order, it will be possible to savour all the local dishes, tasty and carefully prepared. Outstanding among them are: ·

  • broth of “nabizas”, “grelos” or “berzas” (cabbages) (according to season), with beans and potatoes and accompanied by good “compango” (black pudding, sausage, pork fat/bacon and shoulder ham) ·
  • chick-peas with meat ·
  • homemade soup ·
  • stewed meat with potatoes ·
  • rice with free-range chicken or paella ·
  • stewed potatoes with ribs ·
  • potatoes with shoulder ham

The offer the complete one a great variety of desserts: ·

  • Venera (almond cake)
  • Arroz con leche (rice pudding)
  • Frisuelos (crepes)
  • Torrijas (french toast)
  • Rosquillas (tea cake donuts)


And to finish the meal/lunch/dinner a rich pan-brewed coffee and a “shot” of herbal or honey liqueur, elaborated in Boal.


 Contact the Bar Castrillón to book  the food Telephone: 00 34 985 97 99 85.


Come and try for yourself!


The Bar Castrillón is a bar - store, a typical establishment of the rural zones of the west of Asturias that supports the essence of the shops in days gone by; it is the only bar of the village and is located in the main road. There, it is possible to find great variety of articles and products: from typical wood-clogs (madreñas), to a box of detergent or a few good sausages. It is the meeting point for the neighborus, where they can play cards and the spread the news.

In the Bar it is possible to buy heather honey of excellent quality and home-made. The beekeeing tradition is deeply rooted in the family that manages the bar and goes back in time more than 7 decades. Already in 1940, Jose Freije Perez, bee-keeper and father of the current producer, introduced in the village the first modern or American beehive, which replaced the former hives “truébanos” and considerably improved the production.


 The honey, that throughout the years has been an essential and complementary element in the economy of the region, is the characteristic key product of the council, up to the point of turning it into one of the principal honey producer areas of Spain. At present, it possesses more than 400 beehives and reaches an annual output of around 40.000 kg.


Every year there is a special event in Boal: the Honey Fair. It includes activities related to the apiculture, the crafts and the food-processing industry. In 2017 it reached  the XXIst  edition.

 Take heart and come to Castrillón!


It is a small village but it is lively one. Its neighbours are nice and very welcoming.


Good people, good scenery, good food.


What more can a person wish for?

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