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The Historical Park of the Navia is formed by nine municipalities whit the river Navia as common element. It is a rural space full of beautiful and remarkable places for sightseeing, enjoying the scenery, the mountain or the sea, beautiful villages, good trails and delicious gastronomy.


Boal is the ideal destination for mineral lovers. They will find abundant samples of “quiastolite” as it is one Europe's major sites for this mineral. Bird watchers will have the opportunity to observe a great variety of them. For the mycophiles, the Boal Mycological Society organizes annually seminars to promote the study of mushrooms.


Thanks to its privileged location, in the heart of the Historical Park of the Navia, Casa Manolón  offers  the opportunity to enjoy the arresting natural beauty and culture of the region in a leisurely manner.


The region exudes authenticity and the peole the eagerness to preserve and share their history and although our intention is not to propose a touristic marathon but to invite you to experience our unspoilt countryside, our culture and our language, different from that of other zones of Asturias, here you have some links that may interest you: 


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